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January 04, 2022 1 min read

We’re onto something pretty unique here at Farmer Jo, and proudly so! We’re a brand big on flavour, all unforgettable combinations that are easy on all the senses, but especially the taste buds. Developing flavours is a full time job (and then some) with Sal at the helm, who has long helped Farmer Jo stand out from the crowd with her unique take on flavour creation.

There are a couple of things that the brand does differently from others (on purpose of course). First and foremost is to keep things simple, and flavour-focused. “When we first started Farmer Jo I had come from an interior design background,” explains Sal, “and the key focus there was to get rid of everything unnecessary. That’s the same approach we’ve taken with our food brand - sometimes I find some brands are so busy with ingredients and flavours, that you can’t even tell what the end flavour is meant to be. We’ve tried to keep ours simple and distinct in flavour, making sure that each muesli looks, tastes, and smells as delicious as it can so that it stands out.”

But it’s also the process of creating each breakfast goodie where Farmer Jo really differentiates from the market. This brand loves a bit of layering, cooking each ingredient separately and then tumbling together for the end result. “For our baked mueslis, inspired by coffee, we separate and roast or cook each ingredient, rather than all at once,” Sal continues, “It’s about getting the most out of every single ingredient, from sourcing it to cooking it.”