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January 11, 2022 2 min read

As the parents of four, Scott and Sal are well-acquainted with kids and how they like to eat. In fact, their kids are the reason why Scott and Sal dipped their toe into the kids cereal market with Farmer Jo’s Kids Chocolate Breakfast Puffs, the choccy-laden product rich in nutrition which continues to fly off shelves.

“Because we have kids we wanted to bring kids products to the market for a long time,” says Sal. “I’ve always felt that the cereals available were really just processed flour and sugar, and not too much energy and nutrition. They didn’t really fuel the kids for breakfast and beyond. We wanted to make something that is not only a little sweet and tasty, but has nutritional value so that it can sustain our kids for longer. Something that they’re actually going to eat, making their family life a little easier too.

It was working backwards that led to Sal developing the recipe - it all started with a glass of chocolate milk. “Being able to deliver that bowl of chocolate milk for the kids at the end of the cereal is really what inspired me and how the flavour started. I just worked my way backwards.”

And while Kids Chocolate Breakfast Puffs aren’t going anywhere (phew!), joining them will be a handful of new creations with kids in mind. “2022 will be focused on kids!,” says Sal. “We’re super excited about evolving our kids range, and adding more flavours to our breakfast puffs, as well as introducing a whole new look for them. Oh and we have some lunchbox-friendly things on the way too, with bars in development as we speak.”