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January 12, 2021 2 min read

Get a good look at Chef Dave Lovett’s temptress of a trifle that merges the festive sweet treat with tres leches cake and just a touch of tira. This terribly indulgent dessert is a celebration of coffee, cream, and calories and sprinkled with our most recent (and most caffeinated) family member,Coffee Almond & Macadamia Granola.

“My mum makes my favourite trifle,” says Dave. “So I knew I wasn’t going to attempt to replicate hers, that would be silly. But I’d recently made a tres leches cake (three milk cake) that soaked sponge in three types of milk and was topped with cream. I figured that if I added coffee, a layer of custard, and then finished it with even more whipped cream and coffee granola I’d be onto something. 

“The result is a super light sponge soaked in condensed milk, evaporated milk, pure cream and espresso, followed by a layer of thick vanilla custard, whipped cream and finally the coffee granola that’s packed with whole almonds and macadamias for extra crunch!”

Eager to make your own? You'll find the recipe below:

6 eggs 
170gm caster sugar 
150gm flour, sifted 
Pinch of salt
250ml espresso 
250ml sweetened condensed milk 
250ml evaporated milk 
250ml pure cream
900ml thickened cream 
4 yolks 
4 eggs 
170gm caster sugar 
500ml cream
50gm caster sugar 
1 teaspoon vanilla
250gm Farmer Jo coffee granola

In the bowl of an electric mixer crack the eggs, add the sugar and salt, whisk on high for about 8 minutes until quadrupled in size. 
Fold half the flour in gently. Once combined fold the other half in. 
Pour batter into a baking dish and bake at 180 for 20 minutes or until golden brown and the cake springs back when touched in the centre. 
While baking, mix all the ingredients of the soak together. 
Using a fork to prick the sponge all over and pour the soak evenly over the sponge. Set aside to cool and take up all the liquid, at least 2 hours if not overnight.
in a saucepan heat the cream until it's almost boiling. 
While cream is heating, whisk eggs and sugar together in a mixing bowl. 
Once cream is about to boil remove 100ml and whisk into the egg mix, then repeat once more before adding all the hot cream to egg mix, whisking the whole time to prevent scrambling the eggs. 
Return to the pot and over a medium heat continue to mix until the custard is very thick, 10-15 minutes. 
Remove from heat, strain and set aside to completely cool.
Cream and assembly
 Whip cream, vanilla and sugar until medium peaks (not too hard, not too soft) 
Now spread the cold firm custard all over the cold soaked sponge, smooth it all over so it’s level. 
Now dollop or pipe the cream on top of the custard. 
Finally, sprinkle the Farmer Jo coffee granola all over the the cream. 
Pop in the middle of the table and dig in!