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January 08, 2021 1 min read

We’re knee-deep in summer, which calls for beach days, barbecues, and excessive amounts of sunscreen (of course). But best of all, our love for an Aussie summer has given us the perfect excuse to conjure up an ode to the season, in edible form.

Say hello to ourCoffee Almond & Macadamia Granola, a limited-edition summer special that encapsulates the warmer weather - or so we’d like to think. It’s the genius creation of Byron locals, chef David Lovett and coffee connoisseur Reece Cooper from Beam Coffee, and what became the winning entry to our Australia’s Next Top Flavour Competition. “There’s nothing better than sipping on an almond iced latte when the weather heats up,” explains David Lovett,“which is why we thought coffee granola is the ultimate grab and go summer breakfast.”

Picture chunks of macadamia, almond, and oats, tumbled through the sweet and smooth coffee vibes courtesy of Beam Coffee’s Lunar Blend for a multi-layered breakfast that overflows with flavour, and screams summer to boot. And just for fun, there’s an added bonus at the end. “We want you to be able to crunch your way through that glorious granola, and slurp up the delicious coffee milk left behind.”

Bottoms up!