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November 16, 2021 1 min read

It’s almost time to pull out the tinsel, with Christmas just around the corner. We’re jumping with joy that this doesn’t just mean the return of a season of celebrations and stuffing our faces with loved ones, but when our indulgent White Chocolate & Cranberry Christmas Granola makes a comeback, a festive combination of pistachios, cranberries, white chocolate, oats and nuts.

“We are big, big fans of Christmas,” says Sal of the Tulloch family. “We love our traditions, and the Christmas granola has become one of these. I still love making it - it’s a symbolic end to each and every year. And a sweet and indulgent way to finish - it’s a bit of a Christmas breakfast treat.”

We first dreamt up this dreamy Christmas concoction when we still had a market stall in Sydney. And while the ingredients remain the same - a yuletide combination of rosy red cranberries, crispy green pistachios and creamy white chocolate - they are tweaked each and every year. This Christmas we’ve introduced a duo of different cranberries, a larger sour nibble, and the petite, glossy bites on top.

And while it’s not our healthiest offering among our family of Farmer Jo goods, this is the perfect time of year to treat yourself, says Scott. ““This is Aussie Christmas in a bag” he says, “The perfect treat for the end of the year, because if you can’t indulge at Christmas, when can you?!”

Get your hands on our White Chocolate & Cranberry Christmas Granola here.