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November 13, 2020 1 min read

Bid hello to our new breakfast series, where we talk to some of our favourite foodies about how they prefer their morning meal. Whether sweet or savoury, at home or elsewhere, we're out to prove there are a bounty of different ways to break your fast.

First cab off the rank is Penny Loughnan from Vagabond. The plant-based cafe in Byron's Habitat precinct has become a regular stomping ground for the Farmer Jo family. A word of advice - order the acai.

Are you a sweet or savoury breakfast fan?
I'm a sweet breakfast fan.

Favourite breakfast venue?
The beach. Preferably tucking into breakfast on a picnic rug after watching the sunrise.

Describe your perfect breakfast
I absolutely love smoothies but an acai bowl covered in Farmer Jo chocolate puffs and fresh local fruit (in-season of course) is up there for me. I really love the chocolate puffs because they are crunchy, chocolatey, easy and vegan on top. I'm also totally addicted to the Retro Crunch Chocolate Clusters Farmer Jo made with Chow Cacao - though maybe not for breakfast.

Your non-negotiable when it comes to your morning meal
Breakfast for me must be light, healthy, and taste really good to set me up for the day.