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November 17, 2020 2 min read

We’re chuffed to announce the arrival of the first Paleo Granola Butter into our clan, the most spreadable new member of our ever-growing Farmer Jo family. This tasty little number is the latest addition to the Paleo range - the most popular offering among the hefty array of breakfast-focused goodies we make (not that we like playing favourites).

Functional and flavoursome in equal parts, Paleo Granola Butter was born from a desire to make Farmer Jo muesli and granola even more convenient for our loyal band of followers. “I always wanted to innovate our muesli,” explains co-founder Scott. “This Paleo Granola Butter is Farmer Jo’s way of making its mark on the world of spreads. And making your morning bowl of granola or smoothie even more delicious. Plus our offering is one of the healthier, tastier, and more nutritional options among the spreads.” 

While we have 5 flavours in the works, the first cab off the rank for the Paleo Granola Butters is the Cashew and Coconut flavour. The creamiest of couples which sees Farmer Jo leading ingredient, salty but sweet coconut chips, (used throughout Farmer Jo granola and porridge), joined by roasted cashews and whipped into a delightful drizzle.

How do you use it? We’re not dictators - eat it however you want. Drizzle it onto breakfast bowls, spread me on Paleo toast and treats, or spoon me onto porridge. The world of savoury isn’t out of bounds either - Farmer Jo Paleo Granola Butter has ambitions beyond the breakfast table. It’s just as delicious swirled into salad dressings. “Or curries,” says Scott. “Whatever people choose to do with our Paleo Granola Butter is up to them.” The world (or your next meal at the very least) is your oyster.

You can pre-order your Paleo Granola Butter here.