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September 18, 2020 2 min read

Sal and Scott are partners-in-crime both in business and in life. They started Farmer Jo as a husband and wife team 10 years ago, when they started a family of their own. This month, they chatted with fellow foodie partners-in-crime, Wil and Trudy from Chow Cacao, who are a husband and wife business duo making some of the most delicious chocolate... that happens to be vegan!

We can see from your new products, that you've taken inspiration from retro classics. What are your favourite nostalgic food memories?
Trudy: Ooo I have quite a few, but here’s my favourite. I don’t know if they still exist, but there were these treats called Buzz Bars. It was a slab of marshmallow with a caramel layer on top, then covered in chocolate. And you would keep them in the freezer. When you ate them they were cold, chewy and delicious. So good on a hot summer's day!
Wil: I was obsessed with Nestle’s Bum Bum ice cream. Haha, what a name! The crunchiness of the strawberry chocolate shell, the vanilla creaminess of the ice cream, and the stick was chewing gum!

And importantly… what is your favourite retro piece of clothing or outfit?
Trudy: The classic colour block sweatshirt with the matching trackies, haha. When I was young my mum would dress me in them all the time. So comfy!
Wil: I love all things retro! Nothing better than a good old classic. Doesn’t get much more retro than a white ripped tank top, right?

As partners in crime, business, and life, do you have any secrets to making it work?
Trudy: Partner secrets… stick to your strengths and have trust in your partner. We are a bit silly and have lots of laughs too… we try not to take things too seriously.
Wil: Commitment & trust. If you know your partner’s got your back then there's not much that can go wrong. That’s what a partnership is all about. (I can already hear Trudy saying “cute!”)

What's your favourite Sal and Scott story about?
Trudy: When Scott introduced his twins as ‘Muesli’ & ‘Granola’ haha! Also, we always drive past Scott & Sal and their tribe in Bangalow and all the kids are piling into the FJ van. One big happy family! This always puts a smile on our faces.
Wil: I went quickly to the bottle shop here in Bangalow to pick up a bottle of wine while Trudy was cooking dinner. I bumped into Scott as he had the same genius idea. He told me that they just moved into their new house and before I knew it, he had kidnapped me and I ended up at their new house drinking whiskey at the table while their whole family was having dinner, haha. Scott & Sal are very welcoming! I was an hour late for dinner.

And… if you want to read a little more about Sal and Scott’s business journey together have a read of this interview over on Brands of Kin.