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September 01, 2018 2 min read

Spring 2010

The arrival of spring for me is symbolic of new beginnings along with the promise of long balmy nights to follow.

In the theme of new beginnings, I thought it would be fun to share with you the UNtold story of how Farmer Jo was really born... the moment it became more than just an idea.

For those of you who don't know Scott and I, we rarely argue. On this occasion however, we did. Returning home from dinner with friends Scott suddenly announced he was taking control of Farmer Jo because nothing was happening! We were in the ideas stage and had been for almost 4 months (I will add - with a new baby). We were both super excited and talked A LOT about what Farmer Jo could become however, it was still just an idea.

So this announcement from Scott was like a firecracker and many explosive words followed "#*@!" until we both stood staring at each other in complete "Spaghetti Western" style.

Scott - the frustrated quick shooting entrepreneur who believed he already had a global business (yep, even then) waiting for his product.

Me - the outraged defiant woman who felt this was her other baby that needed time (probably 9 months) to develop properly before he could take it out and introduce to the world.

Scott stormed off to the kitchen and spent the next 30 minutes creating our entire range of muesli (yes 30 minutes) whilst I stormed off to the other end of the kitchen to write a detailed brief on the first muesli product... this was the moment when Farmer Jo became more than just an idea.

So never underestimate the "Spaghetti Western" moment my friends. People that challenge you and add fire to your ideas is sometimes what is needed to make those great ideas become an extraordinary reality.

Sally x x