Scott and I were bored of the tasteless and mass produced mueslis that dominated the Australian breakfast market.

We wondered if other people felt the same way and decided to offer an alternative. Consequently in May 2010, Farmer Jo was created.

Both in our early 30's and with only 1 baby in the clan, we spent all our money and spare time making some incredibly delicious artisan mueslis. Muesli became our lives and filled our house to the rafters and beyond.

We made small batches, packed by hand and sold at the local produce markets (with baby in tow).

The journey has been amazing and we thank all the wonderful people who have supported us along the way.

Year 2016 and we have our own incredible kitchen dedicated to producing the best muesli we possibly can, have launched our epic paleo range, are stocked in over 2000 stores and cafes across Australia, work with amazing team of muesli enthusiasts, have a collection of 20+ Farmer Jo mueslis, and as of august a total of 4 babies in our clan.

Our biggest mission when we created Farmer Jo was to make other people realise how truly good muesli can be and this is still our biggest mission today.


We always wanted a family business and it's amazing in life how you get what you ask for. We are a small team, one half is family and the other half is friends who we consider to be our larger Farmer Jo Family.

Not one day is the same at Farmer Jo but guaranteed you will leave at the end of the day with the scent of muesli. Being a producer is both exciting and challenging, we work hard and we have fun. The experience of creating products from raw materials is very rewarding and we challenge each other daily to always be better.



Our question at Farmer Jo when we are creating new products and sourcing new ingredients is always “would we feed this to our family, to our kids?”. We believe it is our responsibility as a food producer to respect the farmers and the land our food has come from and to care about the end product that we pass onto our customers.


“Want Me Eat Me Love Me”

This has been our little motto from the very beginning and something that we always ask ourselves at Farmer Jo.

Want Me - Are we making a product that our customer wants, are we informed about the nutrition of our products?

Eat Me - Do we smell good, look good, taste good? We do not like wasted food!

Love Me – Do we nourish our customers, enhance their wellbeing and pass on our knowledge?


We don't follow suit, we are creators and choose to dance to our own tune.

We create what we truly believe can make a positive change to the wellbeing of our customers.


No Bullshit thank you. What's on the label is in the product.