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August 14, 2020 2 min read

The rumours are true, we’ve reached the double digits, which (obviously) calls for celebration. In Farmer Jo style, we’ll be doing so with something truly tasty, bringing back one of our much loved original creations just for you (yes, you) to enjoy.

We know age is but a number, but it’s not everyday that you reach double digits so, understandably, we’re a bit excited. That’s right, Farmer Jo is turning 10, and we’re having a party (of sorts) to celebrate - naturally you’re all invited.

In true Farmer Jo style, we’ll be toasting the milestone with a special edible treat for our fans near and far. The Pineapple, Macadamia & Quinoa Gluten-Free Muesli is back for a limited-edition birthday run, the all-Aussie, all-local, cluster of goodness that is as tropical as it is tasty. One of the original 5 flavours that we launched way back in 2010, the muesli’s return is a thank you to our loyal followers who are the reason why we’re still thriving today, crafting lush concoctions of breakfast goodies.
Our founders Scott and Sally Tulloch launched Farmer Jo from their Surry Hills kitchen with 5 flavours, which has now grown into 16 different offerings available at supermarkets everywhere, as well as some of our favourite cafes and restaurants around the world. It’s safe to say we’ve far exceeded our own expectations.

Why are we still going strong? Well, we have an inkling it’s got something to do with our approach. “We don’t follow trends, we just launch things that we want to eat.” says Scott, who explains that the Farmer Jo’s creation process is also slightly more sophisticated than your run-of-the-mill muesli. “Some people’s perception of muesli is that you simply cook it all together and it’s done, but that’s not how we do it. We took on the same principles as specialist coffee roasters, roasting individual ingredients separately to try and get the most individual flavour possible before you blend it and mix it together.

“We wanted to take people’s palates on a dance with our product,” he continues. “Number one focus is that it has to be very visual, and number two is that it needs to have multiple layers of depth in flavour.”
“We’re just doing muesli our own way,” agrees Sally, “and we’re still having fun with it. It’s common in the muesli world for big companies to be brand focused but we’ve always been product focused. We care about the product and that drives what we do.”

But with Scott and Sally in the driver’s seat this past decade, Farmer Jo remains true to its roots. “So much has happened and we’re learnt so much and grown so much and aged so much,” says Sally. “But we’re still the same little family business doing our thing on a slightly larger scale. We still love it, and find enthusiasm and inspiration for what we want to do. And still have 1001 ideas for what we can do in the future.” Which includes the promise of a bricks-and-mortar offering in our new home base of Byron Bay.

“It’s been a fun ride,” Sally continues. And luckily for everyone, one that’s not over just yet.