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November 12, 2019 4 min read


1. Tell us a bit about yourself, what you do and why food and nutrition are important to you.

I am 24 years of age and am a Brisbane Girl who loves running ...really really far. 
I am an ultra-marathon runner and my favourite type of racing in multi-stage races but I also have begun single stages and will be competing in my first 100mile race in 2020.
My health is a big priority to me not only because of my running but I am also a personal trainer and know the benefits of fuelling yourself properly. 
I have recently completed a multi-stage ultra marathon on every continent in the world - Africa, Mongolia, Chile, Antarctica, New Zealand, Iceland, The Grand Canyon.
Each race is approximately 250kms with NZ being 323km's. These races are fully self-supported which means I race with everything I need on my back. 
I am always up early for work or training and my days are long so I have to be eating the right foods for my recovery and to be able to keep my energy levels up.
For me food also plays a massive role in my mental health, I am at my best when I am eating an all-round balanced diet full of fresh whole foods - this makes me a happy person to be around :) 


2. What does an average ‘day in the life’ of Jacqui look like? How does what you eat impact this?


4.10 AM Wakeup
5.00 AM
Work at Bodyfit Gym South Brisbane
8.00 AM Training for 2 hours
10.30 AM
Emails, Sponsorship, Eat Lunch
1.30 PM Power nap
2.00 PM
Emails, Calls, Computer Work
3.00 PM Train for 1.5 hours
5.00 PM
Work at Bodyfit Gym in South Brisbane
7.30 PM
Sometimes dinner with a friend
A usual day for me looks a little like this, it is pretty hectic so I have to be organised with my food otherwise there is no way I would be able to function.
I won't lie though I am not against a cheeky sleep in and if given the opportunity to snooze the alarm then once in a while I will laze in and wakeup when my body feels rejuvenated :)
I don't like to be super rigid with my routine and sometimes I will listen to how I feel if I have the freedom to do so.


3. Do you have any morning breakfast rituals or routines that you like to start the day with?

I always have an espresso at 430am when I awake + Farmer Jo's muesli has honestly been my breakfast savour.. or it is even my lazy lunch or dinner go to if I am not prepared. 
If I am not working at the gym then I love to begin the day with early morning training with friends and a coffee. On a weekend I enjoy avo and halloumi on sourdough at a cafe with a friend after a long run.


4. What foods do you find best to support healthy energy levels? 

I will have a quick snack after my 2 hours training block, a piece of fruit or True Protein Shake. Lunch will be a chicken wrap or a vegan Mexican salad bowl. I then have another coffee (latte) in the afternoon with a piece of dark chocolate or some yoghurt with berries. 
Dinner is usually a source of protein + veg/salad or I enjoy eating Asian fusion a lot. I don't restrict myself or cut out any food groups, I know what works for me now and has me feeling at my best so I do that. I have the Dietitian Alison Disher from Compete Nutrition to thank for being great guidance when I began competing in helping me find what works.


5. What are your five top tips to staying happy, healthy and full energy to support an active lifestyle?

  1. Wake up early and get the body moving
  2. Train with friends, the social aspect is unreal 
  3. Eat whole foods
  4. Don't be restrictive
  5. Think before you eat - is this fueling me and going to make me feel good


6. What’s your favourite Farmer Jo product and how do you like to eat yours?


I throw together a mix of 4 of my favourites in a little container + a dash of milk and off I go to work. I have been doing this for the past few months now and it energises me and keeps me feeling full.


7. What’s something funny we don’t know about you?

I am not sure how funny it is but probably more just a bit of a surprise to most people...I love running long distances and training but I am actually a bit of a lazy walker! I don't love incidental walking and when I am not working out or training I am not a fan of getting sweaty haha I call it Hot-anger... Like how people get hangry I get a little irritable in the super sticky heat haha. 


Jacqui Bell, Ultra Marathon Runner